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Many players don't know how to take advantage of the floorman and what he can offer. In those casinos where he’s not outwardly hostile to all winners, a floorman is prepared offer certain amenities to players.

This service really costs the casino nothing, since they deduct the expense of free meals from their immense profits. They satisfy their customers, who will, in all probability, remain in a casino games that comps them and be happy to play again at its tables.

Few gamblers realize that they can get free meals, free shows, and other courtesies from a casino they give moderate action to. And a player betting with $25 chips could ask for and probably receive a free room as well. Why not! The casino wants this player to be around its tables at all times, and there's a great likelihood that a gambler will play at the same hotel-casino he's staying at.

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Another reason for these casinos using electronic g, other than the fact that they are made for gamblers with funds, is the skill factor. Many of these electronic games quire little or no skill. A slot machine, no matter how gaudy it looks with its multitudinous payoffs, is operated by pulling a handle or pressing a button. The machine engages and either shows a winner or, more probably, another loss. The loss is one to five coins, depending on the machine, and there constant payouts to keep the bettor engaged. In the long run he or she will lose to the house, but the losses will be limited. To further entice people, the casinos constantly advertise that they have the "loosest slots" or the "best payouts." In addition to these enticements, some of the payouts can be monumental. "Quartermania" machines and "Megabuck" slots pay a million or several million dollars to the lucky jackpot winner.

The players these casinos welcome are the "grinds" in the gambling business-small-time players who never make big bets and who are slowly ground down by the casino advantage. Of all the people who gamble these are the best for any casino in the long run. They will never make a big win, except for the lightning bolt big money jackpot, and if they do win moderate amounts while playing, their constant play will eventually return the wins to the casino. No matter how big the casino, no matter how opulent, these players give the house the bread and butter money that accounts for a good percent-age of its profits. These players are never discouraged from the casino.
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