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The executives discussed up to this point rarely are in contact with most of the people who frequent a casino games and use their facilities or gamble at their tables. On rare occasions, a casino manager will discuss credit arrangements or some special service with a premium player, and a pit boss will go out of his way to talk to a high roller or someone who has been specially recommended to him. But by and large, these men, together with the shift bosses, are in the background, supervising their areas of operation.

However, floormen are the casino games executives the player will often come in contact with and see around the casino. At one time, all fioormen were males, but more and more casinos are introducing women into the pit, so perhaps the term may eventually be changed to floorperson.

The floorman's job is much more confined than the pit boss's, for, whereas a pit boss deals with an entire pit of gambling tables, the floorman is given a more specific area to supervise-perhaps one craps table or three or four blackjack tables.

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Of course, people who run casinos aren't stupid. In to discourage grinds or, conversely, to get small be gamble at higher stakes, they raise the minimum limits tables. In the bigger, grander casinos, the minimum bet table game such as craps or blackjack may be $5 or $10. There also will be $25 minimum tables, or $100 minimum tables. Now, a $100 minimum table isn't going to attract a $2 but a $5 table might.

Even for $25 minimum bettors at blackjack, many hotels will set aside a private space. For example, through the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas, you may notice the baccarat pit, with a private area within it for $25' minimum blackjack players at a few tables. This holds other casinos. Casinos want the big bettors to feel important so they are given privacy and extra attention. But the still the same, and all the trappings of grandeur can't that. You must know how to play blackjack correctly to win the long run-that's the bottom line for players.

At one time, the various hotels in Nevada, especially on the Strip in Las Vegas, established junket programs the high rollers into their casinos. Junkets were planned excursions from a faraway point to the casino, organized operators called junket masters, who gathered together a group of qualified gamblers and accompanied them by plane to the-casino where they'd gamble. These junkets usually about four days and were only open to "action players' met the criteria by previous play or who were recommended by junketeers. It was great while it lasted, for those on junket. Everything was free as long as they gave the casino and the bills the casino picked up, such as the air fare, meals, and beverages, could run into thousands of dollars.

Today, alas, junkets are a thing of the past. Now, casinos catering to premium players, each player is dealt, individually. His action is watched by the hawk like eyes of casino personnel in the various gambling pits, and he is accordingly. If he meets minimum standards for that casino he will be given free RFB, that is, free room, beverages. If his action is really whale like, the casino will pick up his air fare as well.
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