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Running a casino games is a complicated operation, and it takes a large staff of executives and employees to operate it correctly. For one thing, it's a cash business with money and markers being continually exchanged for casino chips which have a specific monetary value, and just keeping track of the casino games bankroll is an enormous task.

Then there is the job of overseeing all the dealers and players because, since gambling involves cards, dice, and large sums of money, it is a field in which cheats and scam artists thrive. The security problem in casinos is a constant one, and many casinos have been burned by their own employees as well as by outsiders.

Just to stand in a crowded casino on a weekend night in the summer-to see the movement of people and the action and hear the screams of players at the craps table-is an amazing experience. All this must be carefully watched and controlled by the staff.
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In recent years, the casinos have come up with a new way to keep track of gamblers' action and to rate the players without the necessity of someone in a pit watching their action. By issuing membership cards which are inserted in electronic games before the player starts gambling, casinos can keep track of slot, video poker, or any other kind of electronic game play. In some casinos the cards are also used for identification purposes at the table games.

Casinos are happy to issue membership cards. All you have to do is fill out a simple application. No bank references are required, no credit forms are needed; they are available to one and all. Basically, the following information is asked for: Name, Spouse's name, Mailing address, Phone number, Birthday and voila!, you’re in business. You are issued a card. The casino doesn't really care what credit you have, because they're not giving you credit. All this card does is following your action at the slots or whatever other electronic games you play. You just slip it into the slot and start feeding the machine with coins. The card automatically monitors your action.
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