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Everyone is tried to play online casino gambling. Unfortunately, most of them don't know what they're doing. It's not the players' fault. The public hasn't been allowed much practice for nearly a century. And of course casinos are happy to explain the rules, but they're less eager to explain odds and strategies. In some cases the casinos don't even know the optimal strategies. Why should they? Gamblers are on their own and it shows.

Most casino games are designed to keep between 1% and 10% of a player's money. Yet players lose on average about 20% to 40% of every dollar they take into a casino.

Much of the loss can be attributed to the practice of repeatedly risking the same money (pressing bets), but some of it is simply the result of playing badly. It's amazing, but millions of players lose billions of dollars every year because they make mistakes. They use faulty strategy and flawed systems. They throw away the wrong cards, hit when they should stand, call when they should fold, bet when they should walk away, and otherwise stack the odds to their disfavor.
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Obviously, you're not going to play video poker at that casino. Your stay may be three days, and even at the end of that time you might find the largest payout is only $1,600 or $1,700. The best thing to do is go to a casino where there are payouts in the $2,000 range. Once there, immediately join the membership club at that casino. Speak to a host about a future visit to that hotel. If the casino personnel see that you're spending some serious hours playing the video poker machines, they may suggest you stay at their hotel-casino the next trip around. They may also offer you a special rate as an inducement.

They'll know about your action from the credits you're piling up on the card. But it's also a good idea to introduce yourself to a floor person in the video poker section. There's bound to be someone around the area. Get to be known. It can only help you. Don't remain anonymous if you want future comps and benefits.

Remember, when you go to a new casino to play, look for the area that gives out membership cards. Casinos have different names for these areas. Some may call it a "Fun Club" or Player's Club" or whatever name they deem feasible. But it won’t be hard to find the area. If you can't find one, ask security. They usually will direct you. Or ask floor person anywhere on the floor, behind any pit. They'll help you out. And get that card before playing. While you're at it, ask if the can be used for table games. Some casinos will allow this is a quick way to keep track of a person's gambling.
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