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When the online casino hubbub gets to be too much. It's about waiting games. Casino keno games and sports betting can be inexpensive and entertaining, or they can be the equivalent of attaching your wallet to a vacuum cleaner. It depends on how you play. We'll explain the strategies and give you tips for avoiding that sucking feeling.

About casinos and how they operate you can read on this site. What is a pit boss? What is a marker? We also cover subjects like comps and handling money.

The guide also has special sections about gambling on riverboats, cruise ships, Native American casinos games, and the Online casino game on the internet. These venues are not clones of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. They operate under different rules that could affect your game.

We'll tell you what to expect. The Internet information is particularly important. Don't play online before you read it. Lastly, you'll want a calculator and a deck of playing cards handy. We do the heavy math, but you'll find it enlightening to occasionally crunch some of these numbers yourself. The playing cards are an excellent tool for demonstrating how the crunched numbers and the real world always agree. The congruity is sometime scary.

Remember, clutching a lucky rabbit's foot is fine, but using a good strategy is a better way to win. Have a good time!
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What's the purpose of these cards? Why have your action electronically followed? Well, for one thing, you get credits every time you play, and with these credits come complimentary awards. The more credits you have, the more awards you're entitled to. And getting a card is simple, and doesn't cost you anything. If you're at a casino and want to play the slots or video poker for a while, by all means get a membership card. In this age of computers, all your action is automatically credited to your account. When you go back to get you comps, they'll ask you for identification before giving you the awards. They do this because players sometimes leaves their cards in the machines when they quit play, or their lose cards in other ways. Providing identification ensures that no one else can take advantage of your action.
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