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Card counters should be loath to accept a free room, because if they're found out and barred in that hotel-casino, the hotel has their name, and that name will be given to all other casinos in Las Vegas, and they risk being barred at all the casinos there.

Floormen are always hanging around the tables, and anyone who is a big winner at twenty-one can expect heat from the floorman. But there are effective ways of dealing with that situation, which are discussed in the section on how to disguise counting methods in the page on blackjack.

The point is that the floorman is the one individual who is going to put heat on card counters and he's the one they're going to have to deal with. And the floorman's antennae can be rather sharp, particularly when one player gives advice to another constantly. The only times we've been barred was when we played with backers at the same table and helped them out with some hands. These backers were individuals who used their bankroll to stake my game, and when they played with me and asked my advice, it was as if a red light was shining over my head, an angry red light that spun around spelling out "expert" on one side and "card counter" on the other.

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The majority of people who gamble in casinos are casual players, and their action is limited to a few hundred dollars, thousand dollars at most, during their entire stay at a hotel. In the Nevada casinos most of the gamblers come from California and the neighboring states. For the most part, they are weekend players or people who have taken a couple of days their ordinary routines to try their luck at the tables.

Should these gamblers lose several hundred dollars, feel that the entertainment value of gambling, the thrill glitter of the casinos, is well worth the loss. To most of people gambling is innocent fun and excitement. As for casinos, many of them, particularly the ones in downtown Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, and Reno, depend on small gamblers for their income and welcome them with arms. In this age of computers and microchips, these casinos fill their space with electronic games that require quarter dollar plays, rather than the expensive table games such craps and baccarat.
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