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As Vegas generates more than $6 billion a year in gambling revenue. Atlantic City earns nearly $3 billion. That's gambling only. Income from hotels, restaurants and peripheral business is not included in these totals. The gambling industry in the U.S. earns more than $50 billion every year. The amount handled is measured in hundreds of billions.

And it all starts with your $5 blackjack wager. We certainly don't want to damage the national economy or depress the stock market, but we think it would be nice for you to win the bet. That's why we developed this website. Glance through the web pages and you'll see that we designed it with you in mind. This is essential informations, whatever your level of gambling expertise. The guide covers all the major casino games contests and most of the minor ones. It's more than just rules; you get proven strategies for winning and limiting loss, and we also show you how to calculate the cost of your online gambling entertainment.

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Some players like to stay anonymous. They may be card counters who don't want the attention of a floor person. We can understand that. Card counters aren't welcome in a casino, especially if they're big winners. If you make a terrific score at a casino featuring a single deck blackjack game, you might want to return again and again. And return anonymously. Let's assume you win $550. Why jeopardize other wins in that range for a $10 meal? That's another factor to take into consideration.

Finally, if you want to concentrate on the electronic games, we suggest video poker and that you join the casino member-ship club. The credits will add up and, in addition to the possible jackpot, you might get free meals or cash certificates. Why not take them? Video poker is not a game that you will be barred from, unless you're part of a team that seeks out monster jackpots and monopolizes the seats until they're hit. If you're playing by yourself or with a partner, no one is going to bother you when you hit the jackpot. In fact, the casino wants you back in order to recoup some of that money. Being a big winner galvanizes casino personnel to invite you back, unless they take you for a card counter. They're just as interested in a big winner as a big loser. The loser they figure will continue to leave his or her money at the casino. The winner they hope will come back and drop the winnings at a future time.

Whatever your level of play and game, study this section to take advantage of the comps and other goodies casinos will give you for your play. It'll make you an even bigger winner!
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