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People could win more (or lose less), but they don't. This bizarre phenomenon is reflected in the latest generation of video poker games that have a certified player advantage. Casinos actually promote these games. Guess what? Players still lose!
It's obvious that some people don't even try. They've been thoroughly conditioned to believe that players should never win. When they do it's considered a freak aberration, a stroke of rare luck. Hey, that's gambling right?

No, that's losing. Gambling is a series of contests. It starts when you pick odds that are favorable (or at least not too unfavorable). The house has an advantage. Sometimes you win. More times they win. Strategy plays a role. This is true to varying degrees for all casino contests, even slot machines.

Of course, there is no amount of expertise or information that can make anyone a guaranteed winner. That wouldn't be gambling, and it wouldn't be fun. Guaranteed money comes from having a job, managing investments or being a wealthy scion. That's work. Gambling is entertainment. We pay for entertainment. The contest determines the price.
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If you only want to play the electronic games such as video poker or slot machines, it pays to inquire about the comps and credits before making reservations at a particular hotel. Check various hotels, and find the one that best will compensate you for your action.

Just because you play video poker, for example doesn’t foreclose you from playing table games such as blackjack where your skill can beat the house. Not only check on the membership clubs, but the comps available to you when playing a table game such as blackjack. Can you get a better rate on your room? Will it be difficult for you to get your meals chomped? Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's much better to know just what to expect, rather than pick a hotel at random and find yourself unhappy with what awaits you.

On the other hand, if all you want is a bed, it might pay to get a cheap room somewhere, and to use the hotel as base or center, roaming around whatever gambling city you’re in and looking for action where it suits you.
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