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The standard and correct advice (usually offered by a sagely elder) is that you should "be prepared to lose it all." Yes, but we shouldn't be too willing. Let's play the casino games well, lose less, win more, and receive more entertainment for each dollar spent.

Here we will help you do that. Step by steps are organized so that you can go directly to your favorite game or quickly find an answer to a question. All Informations can be read in any order, but we encourage you to start from the begining. The information there about budgeting, calculating costs, and analyzing probabilities applies to every contest covered in this website. Do you like casino slots machine games? Casino machine games are covered in Casino Slot Machine Games. We tell you how to find loose slots and how to avoid the tightest ones. Busts machine game myths and gives you winning strategies for online video poker games. Yes there are machines that pay back more than you put in, but you've got to play them the right way.

About table games, we cover the classics including blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat and poker, but you'll also find an entire site on newer games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride, and pai gow poker. Other site we explains what experienced gamblers call the "best bet in the casino." It's true. The bet has no house advantage.
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Credits and awards vary from casino to casino, but practically every casino, especially in Las Vegas, now issues membership cards. As awards, a player may receive simple things like key chains, money clips, or gold charms at smaller casinos. With enough credits, the bigger casinos may reduce the rate of your room or give you free meals in its restaurants.

Some casinos issue certificates that you can redeem for ready cash, or for discounts on goods purchased at the hotel’s shops. In addition, once you become a member of particular club, you may be invited to special events such as private parties or slot tournaments. You become someone special to the casino; not just a tourist walking through. Therefore it pays to become a member when you're staying at a hotel-casino. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you walk to adjacent hotels, join their clubs as well. If you play the electronic games, take advantage of the credits you earn.
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