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All casinos games run on a twenty-four-hour basis in Nevada, and these hours are divided into three eight-hour shifts. They’re commonly called day, swing, and graveyard, and the vary, though a day shift usually lasts from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M , the swing from 4 P.M. to midnight, and the graveyard midnight from to 8 A.M.

Since even a casino games manager must sleep at times, there shift boss for each eight-hour shift. These men are directly sponsible to and under the control of the casino games manager, they have full responsibility for the action going on during eight hours of their supervision. In addition, if there's a stantial jackpot at the slots, or the casino keno game has a winner several thousand dollars, it's their responsibility to make tain that the payoff is correct and that the win was legitimate.
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Essentially, what I'm saying is this-it doesn't pay thousands of dollars to get a free room and a fancy does it pay to risk hundreds of dollars to get a $15 you're uncomfortable gambling at a certain level, don't You're better off paying for your own room and maybe it will cost you $100 a day in a fancy hotel. If you haven’t lost $2,500 by playing over your head, you're way ahead of the game.

This is not to say you'll lose. This book will show you how to play at the best level in any game you choose. Play games and those stakes you're comfortable with, and about free meals.

You shouldn't always forgo the comps or free items the casino is willing to give you. If you find that a personnel at a certain casino goes out of their way to welcome you, means stay there. Staying at a friendly casino is much than being at a cold place where the executives think about the bottom line than about its customers.

If you're playing steadily, introduce yourself immediately to one of the floormen, so he or she will take note of action. As long as you're playing a certain amount of you might as well get the freebies the casino is willing to offer. This may include meals, shows, maybe even a room, if they feel your action is sufficient. As we mentioned before the free room and meals, as well as beverages in the more expensive hotels, may require playing at a high and uncomfortable level. Don't make $100 bets for four straight hours if you afford to do this either emotionally or financially.
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