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Poker Online Guru is operated since 2004 - selling board games and card games to the community around the world. We also sell kits in how to play card games like poker, black jack etc

Poker Online Guru was launched in 2004 and over the years, has grown to become the premier information source for learning how to play poker games. Our website features detailed information about poker and other games played in casinos, card rooms, casino cruises and cruise ships around the world.

To add value for Poker Online Guru visitors, we have tightly integrated the learning on how to play poker games directory with our other Casino game directory to provide the gaming news and strategy content our visitors want to see. Through this coupling, visitors can learn not just how to play poker but also find other casino games they'd like to play, and hopefully get advice from industry experts on how to play these games before they hit the casino floor via our online forum.