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 Thursday, March 01 2007 @ 01:41 PM PST

What a life


General NewsIt was Sunday which was full of impressions. My wife went to her parent?s house with Joyce, my beautiful daughter. I didn?t join coz I had to wait the pool-constructors came to our house. My wife had been asking me to build the pool since last year. She loves swimming a lot. So does my sweetest daughter. Finally, they came on 9 am, and started the job then. I just gave them the overview, what kinda pool that my wife loves. My wife had drawn it very obviously.

While waiting them to run the project, I went out to rent some movies. I don?t like the thriller movie. I like the comedy one. So, I rented 40 years virgin then. I got many laughs on that one. Yeah, the main character was Andy, the innocent guy who loved to live alone until he was 40 years old. Without woman he ran his life. All his work-mates always humiliated him. What made me felt funny was when Andy and his work mates played Poker while they were talking about their life. Andy always won the game. Maybe Andy filled his days with playing poker in the internet, so he always won. I didn?t know.

Overall, Andy is only one in a million in this world. The figure of Andy is so rare. Maybe playing poker online just be done by lonely people, who knows?? They ease their loneliness by playing any kinda games. For people who have money, they just go to the casino, while the broke ones, they just play those games in the internet.

After watching the movie, I saw all those constructors worked. One of the constructors was Freddy. He loved talking, I guessed so. He?s still single in his 37. Then I remembered Andy. Just like Andy, Freddy spent his days by working and working. In the week-end, he played some games in the casino. And sometimes, he just played the free-download games in the internet. Yeah, now I know that the 35s men are so typical.

I looked at our family picture on the wall. I felt grateful then. In our free time, we play poker or other fun games together. I had taught Joyce the Poker rules and she loved it. We all enjoyed the moments so much. What a life, isn?t it?

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