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7 Card Stud
After receiving the first three cards, fold unless you have at least a high pair, or a low pair with an Ace, King, or Queen "kicker." On the fourth card dealt, fold if you don't improve your three cards straight or flush, or fold if you see a higher pair on the board than your pair, unless you hold an additional card that is higher than your opponent's pair. Continue playing and raise aggressively if you have a good hand after this point in the games, but don't "chase" with a poor hand. Remember, there's only one winner in these games!

The casino variations of poker are good games if the player applies expert strategies and has the ability to "read" other players. Encouraging other players with potentially winning hands to drop out of the games is ability (some say an art form) possessed by only the best players, and both skills are vital to long-term success at poker.

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