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One day at Cool Hand Poker. One folded hand. Two straight-flushes. One $18,000 win.
The stars align for a new Cool Hand Poker player who proves you don’t need good cards to win at poker. Heck, you don’t even need to be in the hand.
In what can only be described as an unbelievable turn of events, a 21 year-old Swedish online poker player with the alias LyanTerror27 has just won $18,000 (US) at Cool Hand Poker. Despite joining the site less than 24 hours prior. Despite folding his hand pre-flop. And despite other players showing straight-flushes. Two of them. In one hand.
Victor K (LyanTerror27) won the massive prize because he was playing on one of Cool Hand Poker’s progressive ‘Bad Beat Jackpot’ tables, which are designed to add ‘jackpot excitement’, similar to casino games, to the already enjoyable game of poker. The progressive jackpot grows until triggered by a player losing a hand with cards equivalent to, or better than, four of a kind (8’s or higher). Every player at the table gets a percentage of the jackpot, with the largest portions going to players who are active in the hand. Because he had folded, Victor won $18,000, while the actual ‘loser’ took home more than $150,000 (US).
“It’ all a little crazy,” said Victor when contacted by a Cool Hand Poker Representative. “I saw a television ad for the site and liked the fact that there aren’t professional players there, so I signed up. I played a few hands, then folded preflop on one. I watched a couple of guys run the pot up to $200 (US). I was thinking flush versus straight-flush, but two straight-flushes in one hand? Crazy! And then I realized I’d won $18,000 without even playing. It was totally insane”.
When asked what he’d do with his winnings, the Swedish player said he was going to take his twin brother and friends to “party in Amsterdam, and buy myself a Breitling watch”.
Victor had downloaded Cool Hand Poker’s Microgaming software less than 24 hours earlier, and had played for less than 17 hours, meaning his prize amounts to more than $1,000 for every hour he played.
Despite the win, the Bad Beat Jackpot is once again approaching $100,000 at Cool Hand Poker, a site that provides a safe and enjoyable environment for new players to learn about the game and practice. The site has taken numerous steps to discourage professionals, commonly known as ‘sharks’, from playing at the site, including limiting the number of games any player can be in at a given time, and providing smaller stakes tables. Cool Hand Poker also offers a poker school to help players develop and recognize strategies and techniques that will improve their chances.

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