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Poker Terms

At the online casinos, these terms are very importantÂ… so, before playing internet poker you should familiarized your self with them.

There are 163 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Forced bet
A required bet to start the action on the first round of a poker hand. In seven-card stud, for example, usually the low card on board must make a forced bet.
Four cards to a flush.
Four cards of the same rank. Four jacks is four-of-a-kind.
Fourth street
In stud games, the fourth card dealt to each player. In hold 'em, the fourth community card on board.
A city in the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area with public card rooms in which draw poker and panguingue are played.
Giving a hand away
Playing your hand in such a way that your opponents should know what you have.
Good games
a game in which there are enough players worse than you for you to be a substantial favorite.
Gut shot
A draw to an inside straight. Also called a belly buster.
Playing against a single opponent.
High-low split
A form of poker in which the best high hand and the best low hand in the showdown normally split the pot.
Hold 'em
Also called Texas hold 'em. An increasingly popular form of poker in which players use five community cards in combination with their two hole cards to form the best five-card hand.
In seven-stud games, the first two concealed cards. In five-card stud games, the first and only concealed card.
Hourly rate
The amount of money a player expects to win per hour on average.
Implied odds
The ratio of the total amount of money you expect to win if you make your hand to the bet you must now call to continue in the hand.
Inside straight
A straight which can be made only with a card of one rank, usually somewhere in the middle of the straight. When you hold 6, 7, 9, 10, only an 8 will give you a straight. Thus, you are drawing to an inside straight, or you have an inside-straight draw.
Jacks or better to open
Draw poker in which a player needs at least a pair of jacks to start the betting.
A fifty-third card in the deck, which may be used either as a wild card or as a bug.
A side card, usually a high one. Someone holding 9, 9, A has a pair of 9s with an ace kicker.
Late position
Positions on a round of betting in which you act after most of the other players have acted.
Lay the odds
To wager more money on a proposition than you hope to win.
Legitimate hand
A hand with value; a hand that is not a bluffing hand.
The amount a player may bet or raise on any round of betting.
Limit poker
A poker games where the minimum and maximum amounts a player may bet or raise on any given round of betting are fixed.
Live card
In stud games a card that has not yet been seen and is therefore presumed likely to be still in play.
Live one
A loose, weak player with a lot of money to lose. A rich sucker. There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, about a poker games in Gardena in which one player had a heart attack and died. The player to his left shouted to the floor man, "Hey, Louie, bring us a live one."
A cinch hand. A hand that cannot lose.
Long odds
The odds for an event that has a relatively small chance of occurring.
Long shot
An event that has little chance of occurring. Hence, in poker a hand that has little chance of being made.
Playing more hands than the norm.
A variety of poker games in which the best low hand wins in the showdown.
Mathematical expectation
The mathematical calculation of what a bet can be expected to win or lose on average.
Middle position
A position on a round of betting somewhere in the middle. In an eight-handed game, the fourth, fifth, and sixth players to act would be said to be in middle position.
Move all-in
To bet all the money one has on the table.
Multi-way pot
A pot in which more than two players are involved.
Negative expectation
The amount a wager may be expected to lose on average. A play with negative expectation is a play that will lose money over the long run.
No-limit poker
Poker in which players may wager any amount up to what they have in front of them on any given round.
The best possible hand at any given point in a pot.
The chances, expressed mathematically, that an event will occur. Also, in the term pot odds, the ratio of the size of the pot to the amount of the bet you must call to continue.
Not of the same suit.
On the come
Playing a hand that has not yet been made. For instance, if you bet with four cards to a flush, you are betting on the come.
On tilt
Playing much worse than usual because, for one reason or another, you have become emotionally upset.
To make the first bet in a poker hand. The term is used especially in draw poker.
Open-ended straight
Four cards to a straight, which can be made with cards of two different tranks. Thus, 6,7,8,9 is an open-ended straight, which can be made with either a 5 or a 10. Theoretically, 5, 7, 8, 9, J is also open-ended in that either a 6 or a 10 will make the hand. The latter hand is also called a double belly buster.
A poker games like seven-card stud or razz in which some cards in each player's hand are exposed.
Cards which will improve your hand. Also, ways of improving your hand. The term is used particularly in reference to a hand that needs to improve to become the best hand.
See Draw Out.
Over card
In stud games, a card higher than any card your opponent has showing.
A call of a bet after another player has already called.
Two cards of the same rank. Two 8s is a pair.
To check. Also, to fold.
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