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Poker Terms

At the online casinos, these terms are very importantÂ… so, before playing internet poker you should familiarized your self with them.

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Term Definition
The betting in a practicular hand or games. a game with a lot of action is a game with a lot of betting. The player who start the action is the player who make the first bet.
Active player
A player still in the pot.
Having all one's money in the pot.
A bet required from all players before the start of a hand.
A small card, specifically an ace, 2, 3, 4, or 5. The term is used especially in razz -and high-low split.
Back door
In seven-card stud and hold 'em, three cards to a flush or a straight after five cards have been dealt. In general, the term is used for a hand made on the end, which a player was not originally trying to make.
Bad beat
Having a hand that is a big favorite defeated as the result of a lucky draw, especially when the person drawing was playing incorrectly by being in the pot in the first place.
Bad games
a game in which your opponents are too good for you to expect to win; a game in which you're an underdog.
The amount of money you have available to wager.
Belly buster
A draw to an inside-straight. Also called a gut shot.
Best of it
A situation in which a wager can be expected to be profitable in the long run.
To put money in the pot before anyone else on any given round.
Bet for value
To bet in order to be called by a lesser hand. You are betting to make money, not to make your opponents fold.
The person who first puts money in the pot on any given round.
Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 - the best possible hand in lowball. Also called a wheel and a baby straight. The term is used in all games.
A card that is not of any value to a player's hand.
In hold 'em, draw lowball, and some other games, a forced bet that one or more players must make to start the action on the first round of betting. The blind rotates around the table with each new deal. The person whose turn it is to bet is said to be in the blind.
A bet or raise with a hand you do not think is the best hand.
The cards that are face up in a player's hand. In hold 'em, the community cards.
Bring it in
To start the betting or, the first round.
A joker that can be used to make straights and flushes and can also be used to make a pair with aces, but not with any other cards.
Busted hand
A hand that does not develop into anything of value.
When there is a house dealer, as in the card rooms of Las Vegas, the button is a round disc that rotates around the table to represent the dealer for the purposes of indicating which player is to be first to act. A button is necessary in hold 'em, draw lowball, and five card draw.
Buy in
The minimum amount of money required to sit down in a particular game.
To put in the pot an amount of money equal to an opponent's bet or raise.
Call a raise cold
To call a double bet-that is a bet and a raise.
A person who calls a bet or raise.
Card room
The area in a casino where poker (and sometimes panguingue) are played.
To continue in a hand trying to outdraw an opponent's hand you are quite sure is better than yours.
To decline to bet when it is your turn.
To check and then raise after an opponent bets.
A round token in various denominations representing money. Among many professional gamblers it is also called a check.
The best possible hand, given the cards on board, when all the cards are out.
Closed hand
A hand in which all the cards are concealed from one's opponents.
Come hand
A hand that has not yet been made, with more cards still to be dealt. Thus, a four card flush would be a come hand.
Crying call
A call with a hand you think has a small chance of winning.
Cut the pot
To take a percentage from each pot as the profits for the person or the casino running the games.
Dead hand
A hand a player may not continue to play because of an irregularity.
Dead money
Money put in the pot by players who have already folded their hands.
Dealer's choice
Poker in which the player whose turn it is to deal may choose the games for that particular hand.
Door card
In stud games, the first exposed card in a player's hand.
Double belly buster
See Open-ended straight.
1. To take one or more cards. 2. A form of poker in which each player receives five cards and then has the option of discarding one or more of them and receiving new cards in their place.
Draw lowball
A form of poker in which the best low hand wins. See page A
Draw out
To improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand than yours prior to your draw
Flat call
To call a bet without raising.
Flat limit
A betting limit in a poker game that does not escalate from one round to the next.
In hold 'em the first three exposed community cards, which are dealt simultaneously. The word is also used as a verb. For example, to flop a set is to make three-of-a-kind on the flop.
Five cards of the same suit.
To drop out of a pot rather than call a bet or raise.
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