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Riverboat Gambling
Riverboat design changes from state to state, depending on local laws, as does riverboat gaming itself. For example, in Mississippi, gaming is not permitted on a moving boat; there­fore, the riverboats in that state must remain dockside if gam­bling is to be allowed. On the other hand, in Louisiana, gaming is not permitted dockside on riverboats, so the boats must be seaworthy. And so it goes from state to state.

The riverboat industry is a dynamic one, with boats con­stantly being put into service, while others are subject to losses and go out of business. Eventually, the riverboats will reach a point of no return, competing for a limited number of gam­blers in a limited number of towns. Another factor that may slow their growth is the push for legalized gambling in various big cities in America. For example, if legalized gambling comes to Chicago, it will surely have a negative impact on the riverboats that ply their trade in that state. The same holds true for the other big cities that line the Mississippi River.

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