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Casino Manager
Casino managers come in two basic molds. Still lingering , around are the generation that started in the illegal casinos and clubs of the Midwest and New Jersey, tough men who drifted or were called West when Vegas came alive. These are old fashioned, hard men who didn't care to change with the times. When I first became seriously involved with the Vegas scene, I was sitting in a casino with one of these men, who ran a tremendous Strip casino with an iron fist. The casino wasn't very profitable, and I think a great deal of the fault lay with the casino manager, who was now working for a corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but still thought that the boys from Detroit and Cleveland were running things. I was playing blackjack when Sammy (not his real name) came over and started a conversation. I was doing research at the time on a novel about Las Vegas, and I asked him about card counters (players who keep track of the cards mentally); since my main character was going to be an expert twenty-one player.

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