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Casino credit has another lure as far as the casinos are concerned. When a person signs a marker and receives casino chips on credit, he is not only playing with abstract plastic disks (the chips), but the whole thing has a make-believe aspect. All this man has to do is sign his name and get money, and often this is treated as play money. It's only when the moment of reckoning comes, when he has to pay back what he has signed for, that the harsh reality of the situation becomes evident. Thus credit can become a snare for the unwary, especially in a casino situation where the action is fast and hard, where gambling fever is contagious and money can be won or lose rapidly.

This is not to suggest that a player shouldn't try to get credit at a casino. I think it's advisable in many situations, especially if the player is going to do some serious gambling, but this credit line must be used as carefully as possible. It must be used for the player's, not the casino's advantage.

I'm super careful about explaining the use of casino credit because I've  watched seen too many players misuse their credit and really hurt themselves. I've seen them sign markers when drunk or in the middle of a horrible losing streak. I've watched them literally ruin their lives right in front of my eyes.

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