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What You Really Need To Know About Money Management

We'll make it short and simple: If the games's good and you're a favorite, keep playing. If it's a lousy games and you're an underdog, quit! Never mind whether you're winning or losing.

Of course, you may not be a favorite even if you'd normally outclass your opponents by a country mile. You may be tired, physically ill, distracted and unable to concentrate, or just stressed out. Emotional imbalance - whatever its cause - puts you off your best games.

What if you're in a good games and you're $1,000 ahead? Should you really quit when you're on a roll? Hey, if the games's that good, and you have no other pressing commitments, why not go right on playing" After all, you're a favorite. Chances are you'll win even more money.

But whether you win or lose from that point on, the results weren't predictable in advance. Your future results are always up for grabs, whether you keep playing right now or pack it in to return tomorrow or next month. The poker games - your lifelong games - goes on, so the specific segments of time you mark off for play are purely arbitrary.

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