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Each time a hand is dealt in hold'em or Omaha, players must fold, call, or raise the blind bet. In stud games they fold, call, or raise a forced "bring-in" bet. The bring-in bet is put up by the player holding the lowest card dealt face up on the first wagering round. Antes and "bring-in" both go into the pot. In razz - seven-card stud played for low only - the high card on the first betting round is the forced bring-in (although razz is seldom dealt in either cyberspace casinos or brick and mortar casinos).

On the second and all subsequent rounds of betting, the first player to act may either check - which amounts to a bet of nothing - or bet. If he checks, the next player in turn may check or bet. Once a wager has been made, however, the next player to act must either fold his hand, call the bet by matching the amount of the wager, or raise. In most Internet poker games, as in the vast majority of casinos, a bet and three or four raises are permitted on each round of betting.

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