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The Waiting games: All About Waiting Lists

Unless the games is full, you'll be able to take a seat immediately just by clicking on it, unless it's reserved by someone who is wait-listed for it. Remember: Those on the waiting list have priority, even if they highlighted the games after you did.
Tip: If you've chosen a game where only one or two seats are available, first join the waiting list (if there's one accessible) to "stake your claim" on any available seat, and only then click to go the games screen. Otherwise you may lose out to someone who arrived at the site seconds after you did!

The moment you attempt to join a full games, a prominent button or pop-up screen will invite you to join the waiting list by clicking a button or just clicking OK. You may then either watch the games while waiting for your seat or play in another games until summoned by an insistent POP-up screen prompt. The prompt completely overrides any other screen you're on, so you're forced to respond to it before attending to anything else.

If the Internet poker casino you've chosen allows you to play in more than one games at a time (most do), you can observe the games you've Wait-listed for while playing in another games (or games). But if the site is one that allows access to only one games at a time, you'll have to choose between watching the games you want versus playing in another games while waiting.

If you've no interest in either observing the games or playing in another, you may simply wait in the site lobby while doing other things around the house or office. Just make sure to turn up the sound volume on your computer so you'll hear the prompt when you're called to the games. If you later decide to watch the games. merely double-click on it again to join it as an observer, or look for a button saying "Observe games."

Respond quickly to waiting list prompts! In general, you'll be given several prompts over a few minutes when your seat is available, but if you fail to respond in time, or need to move chips from another games - which takes a minute or two in some cases - you may find yourself shut out with your seat given to someone else. If that happens, you'll have to rejoin the waiting list, and you'll be lowest on the totem pole. So respond quickly to pop-up prompts calling you to the games, and always leave enough funds in your account to meet the minimum buy-in requirement of the games you're waiting for.

Tip: If you've selected a cash games, just watching it for a while is an excellent idea, even if you've already gotten used to the site's graphics and software at the play-money tables. After all, you're now at a table where real cash is at stake, and you may learn something useful by observing the action - something that will save you money!

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