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How easy is it to get into a game, or to change games?

It's simplicity itself. In a real casino you have to go to the podium, get on a waiting list, endure short waits or even lengthy waits of an hour or more, or perhaps join a "must-move" games before reaching your desired table - only to have to repeat the process all over again if you want to change limits or games.

All this unpleasantness is averted online. You simply click on the games of your choice if a seat is open or, if the table is full, click on a waiting list for the games desired. Many games types and limits are available, including a wide range of tournaments. A pop-up screen plus a sound signal summon you when your seat is ready. As long as the volume is turned up on your computer, you can step away from it until you hear the prompt.

Don't like the games? Simply click to exit and get on a waiting list, or simply take a seat at another table by clicking on an empty seat. In a real casino, you'd have to move your chips -and you'd also have to notify the floor man or "brush" to get permission to move in the first place. Changing games through the podium is tedious and time-consuming. and often not even possible if a game has a very long waiting list.

Online, you won't have to consult anyone. You just click and go. Often you can be in a different games within five seconds. And you won't have to rack those cumbersome chips you just won; they're automatically added to your account through software wizardry. When you arrive at your new table, a welcoming pop-up screen will give you the option of buying in for as many chips as you like (as long as you have the money in your account to purchase them).

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