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Think of the chat-box as an Instant Message screen for all players at the table. Simply type into the white area and hit "enter" to see your words instantly appear on the games screen to be read by all. In some cases the chat between players is interspersed with an ongoing dealer narrative: in other cases it's separate.

Some sites offer speech and sounds as either a component of the chat box or a separate function. Canned vocalizations like "Nice hand," "Agh," and "LOL," along with applause, cheers, bells, and whistles, add humor and fun as well as provide a way to compliment an opponent or express dismay over an unlucky river card.

At most sites it's possible to adjust the chat function by turning off player chat altogether if you wish, and to direct exactly how much information you'd like to receive from the dealer component of the text.

Internet poker players have their own abbreviated language, and it seems to be universal from site to site. Below are some very common phrases and abbreviations you'll see online. If you're a newbie, you might not have a clue as to the meanings - but that's what we're here for:

- nh - nice hand

- g 1 - good one

- gh - good hand

- ty - thank you

- vnh - very nice hand

- tyvm - thank you very much

- lol - the common Internet phrase meaning "lots of laughs" or "laughing out loud"

- zzzzzzzzz - commonly typed by impatient players if an opponent is taking too long to act

- nhswp - usually said with a great deal of sarcasm, means "nice hand sir, well played

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