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At home you can bet with pennies or peanuts, but chips are used in all casinos, whether in geo-space or cyberspace. Internet games use virtual chips rather than physical chips, but outside of play-money games, they nevertheless represent real cash to be won or lost.

Therefore, in order to play in an online money games, you'll have to deposit funds with the online poker casino of your choice. Once you have money on deposit, you've created what's essentially a debit account. From it you purchase virtual chips as needed.

If you want to start out with a play-money games, it's even easier. You won't have to deposit funds at all; the casino will simply give you a starting stash of play money so you can jump right into a game and start playing. Oops, lose your original allotment? Most Internet card rooms simply give you more play money whenever you run out, so relax and have fun!

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