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How to Play 7-stud/8

Winning the entire pot by making both the best high hand and the best low hand - scooping the pot - is your goal. Short of that, your hand at showdown should be either the best low or the best high, since you're guaranteed at least half the pot. (If there's no low, the high scoops.)

Procedures are nearly identical to seven-card stud, with just two differences: In 7-stud/8, you can't make a double bet when there's a pair showing on Fourth Street, as you can in seven-card stud. And, of course, the pot is split whenever there's at least one acceptable low hand at showdown.
As in Omaha/8, you can always make a high hand. But in order to have a low hand, you must have five unpaired cards with the rank of eight or lower. That's called an "eight-qualifier."

For example, if your seven cards were A?J?9?7?5?4?2?, your high hand would be an ace-high flush, composed of A?J?9?7?5?.Your low hand would be called a "seven-low," made up of 7?5?4?s2?A?.

If you've been alert, you've just learned something very important about 7-stud/8. Aces can be used as both the highest and lowest card in the deck. When you're dealt an ace, it's like receiving two cards for the price of one, and that's worth remembering. Aces are valuable!

7-stud/8 has five rounds of betting, just like it's high-only cousin. This often creates large pots, since some players are trying to make a high hand, while others are hoping to make the best low hand. As in seven card stud, the best players are alert, staying aware of both live cards and those already folded.

This games requires a lot of patience. Many people love playing high-low split games because, with two ways to win, they think they can play more hands. But the best 7-stud/8 players play few hands, and generally look for those with two-way possibilities. After all, the objective of this games is to scoop pots, not split them. Skilled players release many, many hands on Third Street.

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