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But What If I Really Lose My Internet Connection?

Authentic disconnects are treated differently. If site technology determines that the time-out wasn't your fault because routing snafus or server problems caused loss of connection to the games server, you'll be treated as all-in for whatever amount you've invested in the pot, as long as you haven't already used your all-in quota for the day.

If you've already been all-in and used up your all-in quota for the day, which you can easily verify by checking under an options tab on the games screen or lobby screen, you can ask to have your all-in status reset. Usually you can make this request simply by clicking a separate command on the options list called "Request all-ins reset" or something similar. If that fails to solve the problem, a simple e-mail or Instant Message explaining the situation will probably suffice.

Note: If you're experiencing Internet connection problems and have already been all-in during a cash games, stop playing until your all-in allotment is reset. Otherwise, you risk having your hand folded in the middle of a hand, losing any claim to the pot.

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