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Keeping Records

If you don't keep records, how will you know if you're a successful poker player? Without accurate records, you'll simply never know. Of course, lots of folks claim they're winning players - in fact, most players do. But if you ask about their records, they'll conveniently change the subject. That figures. Hey, there's a mountain of self-deception out there.

If you're serious about poker, treat your games like a business or a profession. Every business keeps records. Accurate records are the only way to know if your bottom line should be written in black ink or red ink.

Perhaps it's easier for the vast majority of poker players to avoid looking truth in the face. But if you want to win money playing poker, you need to be honest with yourself. So keep track!

Fortunately, the records you need to keep as a poker player are a lot simpler than the records maintained by business owners. In fact, they're much simpler than the records needed to prepare a simplified income tax return.

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