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What does an online games look and sound like?

It looks and sounds like a sophisticated video games. It's rich in graphics, realistic sound effects, and complex split-second synchronization of player action. You'll see a mock-up of a poker table sporting colorful chips, cards, player seats, and - possibly, though not necessarily - a dealer box, with or without a mannequin-like representation of a dealer. Since all dealer functions are executed at lightning speed by the games's Programming if there's a dealer box shown at a cyberspace card table, only for show.

You'll hear realistic sounds of cards whirring, chips clattering as pots are pushed, and the clacking of bets and raises during action. Also, you'll be able to verify the amount in your stack or the amount of a bet or raise or pot simply by positioning your cursor above the designated chips or stacks. State-of-the-art software keeps instantaneous and accurate track of chip stacks, bets and raises, all-ins, and accruing pots.

A beep, buzzer, or repetitive sound will signal you to act if you're distracted from the monitor. If you fail to act within a designated time, you'll first be declared "sitting out," but after a few rounds of inactivity you'll be unceremoniously dumped from the table in far less time than the traditional forty or sixty minutes you may take for a meal in a casino.

You'll communicate with other players by typing into a "chat window" seen by everyone participating in the games, but the only way to "call the floor" to make a complaint or check the history of a hand may be to fire off an e-mail to customer service. As online poker casino technology evolves, these procedures are likely to become faster and easier. As we go to press, several online card rooms offer on-the-spot live help through Instant Messaging.

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