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Making Use of Checkboxes to Post, Ante, Wait for The Big Blind, or Sit Out

If there's a hand in progress as you take your seat, you may pre-empt the pop-up screen posting or anteing inquiry by using a checkbox to "autoblind" or "autoante." This puts you in the very next hand unless you've come into a seat between the blinds, in which case the autoblind function will bring you in after the button passes.

Alternatively, you may check "wait for the big blind," or "sit out," until you're ready to enter the games. these checkboxes are grouped together - generally, above or beneath the table. Locate them right after you take your seat and make ample use of their convenience throughout the session.

Note: In addition to checkboxes for posting, anteing, and sitting out, there are "pre-action" checkboxes for check/fold, check/call, bet, bet/ raise, raise any, etc. We cover these in detail in the next section, "Playing the games."

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