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Money Management


With Internet poker, it's hard to lie to yourself - or to anyone looking over your shoulder while you play. The stark truth about your playing bankroll hits you right between the eyes every time you click on the cashier function. And when you tap out, you have to charge or transfer more funds to your core account before you can buy more chips. No room for denial here, folks.

No matter how you pay the piper, there's a dual, irrefutable record of your bottom line: a pesky bank or credit card statement plus the handy dandy pop-up record of your purchases and cash-outs (if any) at the Internet poker site. You may be the laziest or most unwilling records keeper in the world. No matter - you'll face reality soon enough online. If you're a poor player who's been rationalizing or conveniently forgetting poker losses for years on end, you're in for a shock when you take your games into cyberspace. And even if you're ordinarily a favorite, the times when you go on tilt in a higher limit games - blowing a month's worth of small wins plus a huge new advance on your credit card - can't be expunged from your online account history.

On the other hand, if you've been a winning player for years - really! - But your spouse just doesn't buy it; vindication is just mouse clicks away. Just go online in front of skeptical eyes and prove yourself onscreen!

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