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The Bottom Line On games Selection: Nine Caveats For Internet Newbies

Choose a game you know well unless you're playing only for fun at a play-money table. With a ready-to-click, extensive games menu before you, it's easy to be enticed by the unfamiliar. By all means, try out a new games or games variation - just do it in the play-money rooms until your skill matches your curiosity.
If your experience of poker consists mostly of home games where the rules may vary from standard casino play, be sure to read the games rules posted at the site, carefully noting any discrepancies. What you don't know - even about a game you think you know well - can cost you money now or later.
Avoid pot-limit games and no-limit games for real money unless you're totally familiar with them or can easily afford to lose your buyin. Again, extensive practice in the play-money rooms is your best friend when learning new games on the Internet.
If you're playing for cash, stick to the smallest limits available if you're brand-new to Internet poker.
If all tables at the smallest limit show zero seated players - a very common situation - don't be impatient. Take a seat at an empty table anyway, then click the "sit-out" box until other players arrive. Type a greeting into the chat box and engage all new arrivals in dialogue until enough players agree to start the games. Very often, all it takes to start a game quickly is for one player to take this initiative. Let it be you!
Avoid shorthanded or heads-up play for cash stakes unless you're skilled at this type of situation. Some sites have waiting list screens allowing you to specify how many players must be seated before you'll join the games. This is an easy way to guarantee your comfort level.
Always observe a game before risking money. If the games is too aggressive, too tight, too slow-paced or fast-paced, or anything else that makes you uncomfortable - such as something in the betting action that makes you suspect collusion, or chat box dialogue you find offensive - simply leave and choose a different games.
Don't assume games conditions will remain the same - especially if you first observe them from the bottom of a long waiting list. By the time you reach the top of the list, the games may be considerably tighter and populated by more skilled players than losers. What was earlier a highly desirable games may now be a real dog. Stay alert, and be prepared to move on.
Don't miss out on a good games that may be starting on another table. Continue to monitor the lobby screen while waiting.

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