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Omaha is not necessarily a high-low split games. You can play it as a high-only games, too. Europeans usually play Omaha as a high-only games, and the betting format they prefer is pot- limit rather than fixed limit. Betting can escalate exponentially in pot-limit games. The last thing we'd ever advise is that a beginner play pot-limit poker for real money. You'll see quite a few Omaha pot-limit cash games on the Internet. They're usually chock-full of Europeans, and they're not for beginners.

On the other hand, you'll find an abundance of online pot-limit play money games and low-cost tournaments using the pot-limit format. You can't get hurt at all in the former and only a little in the latter, so if the idea of pot-limit Omaha appeals to you, dive into those games and have fun.

Naturally, you'll also find Omaha high played online with a fixed limit betting structure. But Omaha high isn't offered in all Internet poker casinos. You can find Omaha high games -whether fixed limit or pot-limit - far more easily at the largest sites, than at smaller ones, which offer mainly hold'em, Omaha/8, and seven-card stud. Some of the larger sites even offer three formats: fixed limit, pot-limit, and no-limit.

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