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Players, Dealers, and Decks

Online or off, most casino poker games consist of eight to ten players plus a dealer (although Internet poker also offers lots of designated shorthanded games). The dealer - whether human or programming function - wagers no money and gets no hand to play, but is simply there to run the games, deal the cards, and push pots to winning players. Additionally, the dealer must randomly shuffle the cards so the deal will be fair.

While human casino dealers are professionals who take pride in their work, they're no match for computers in some respects. In Internet poker, the games software executes a far more random shuffle and far more rapid deal than even the very finest house dealers can achieve.

For Internet poker - as for casino poker in general - the deck is a standard 52-card deck. games involving a joker are rare not only in Internet cash games, but also in the complimentary play-money games found at leading online poker sites. By the same token, wild cards are seldom used. If you've been playing mostly in home poker games, this may be a big adjustment for you.

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