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Here is your built-in reality check on exactly how disciplined a game you're playing. To see such statistics as how many hands you've played this session, how often you've called the flop, what percentage of hands you've won when you called the flop or stayed to the river, or on what betting round you've folded most often over the hands you've played thus far, click the icon for stats.

Stats (short for statistics) don't lie. Like the financial history available under the cashier function, your stats tell the real story of your online performance. If you're losing, examining the information in stats may show you that your games is slipping, or possibly that you're playing your usual disciplined games and just experiencing a run of bad luck. Make a point of looking at stats every so often during each session to determine areas of weakness in your play. Do your stats change after you've lost a few big hands or if you've played too many hours? You won't know unless you look.

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