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Minding Your Online Manners: Our Ten Point Prescription for
Pleasant games

Try to play promptly. Although in most cases you have up to thirty seconds to act, to repeatedly take most of that time to express your decisions slows the games considerably and turns an otherwise enjoyable games into a frustrating experience.
Use the "sitting out" button if you need to leave the games longer than a few moments. To time out unnecessarily in the hope of not missing a hand is inconsiderate.
Perhaps the rudest thing you can do in an online games is to time out or even disconnect from the games deliberately at a crucial point of the betting action in order to go all-in on a draw or risk no more bets on a hand that may lose. In addition to being rude, this maneuver is a form of cheating. Please don't do it.
Don't use profanity or vulgar language in the chat-box. Doing so creates a lasting impression on other players - an unfavorable one. Remember: Abuse of the chat-box leads to revocation of your live chat privilege.
Criticizing other players is mean-spirited and unpleasant. We hope you won't do this. Aside from turning an enjoyable games into a somber affair, it's likely to drive away the very people we most like to see when we enter a game - loose, happy-go-lucky players wanting to have fun and gamble it up. Derogatory comments in chat are sure to alienate them and possibly cause them to leave the games. At the very least, if they do remain, they're likely to tighten up and play more conservatively. We can never understand why some people openly critique other players. Do they prefer playing against experts? Sheesh!
You may know every poker statistic known to man, or how to explain in detail why someone shouldn't raise with just the low in an Omaha/8 games when it's obvious two other people also have A-2.We're glad you understand these things, but we don't want to see poker lessons in the chat-box. Please, you're scaring the fish! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
If you know you're likely to be away from the table more than a couple of rounds, please leave the games and let someone else have your seat. If you really want to remain in the games, you can simply join the waiting list as you depart: Chances are that by the time you return, you're likely to be first or second up.
Please don't type into the chat-box when it's your turn to act. There's plenty of time to do that during the shuffle and deal, or when you're not involved in a hand.
If you threw away four kings in the small blind, please don't inform the table while the cards are in play. In fact, please don't comment on the hand at all until all action has been completed.
A little friendliness goes a long way. It's always appropriate to greet newcomers in the chat-box as they arrive and to say goodnight or goodbye when you depart. A simple, "Hi" or "Nite, all," is sufficient to inject some warmth into the inherent chill of cyberspace.

Let the games begin! We hope to see you online!

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