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Seven-Card Stud

In seven-card stud each player antes a token sum of money into the pot before receiving any cards. In a fixed limit games with $2 and $4 betting limits, an ante of 50 cents is typical, and betting is in increments of two dollars until the fifth card is dealt, when the limit increases to four dollars.

Another frequent structure is a $1-to-$4 "spread limit" games, in which players may bet between one and four dollars at any time. Three or four raises per betting round are usually allowed, with the proviso that a raise must be at least the size of the previous bet or raise.

If Karen for example, bets one dollar, and Abby raises two dollars, ')avid can play if he calls three dollars (the total of Karen's bet and Abby's raise). If David has a good hand and wants to raise, the minimum allowable raise is now two dollars. He can also raise three dollars, or raise four dollars. If David raised four dollars, the next player to act may fold, call seven dollars to match David's raise above the prior wager, or raise four dollars more, making it a total of eleven dollars for the next player.

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