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Sitting Out

OK, suppose you know you won't be back in time for the next hand? You need just a bit more time in the kitchen and need to sit one out. Or
Remember: You must always be back for the next round's betting action (unless you used a pre-action checkbox to fold). If you're not, you risk "timing out" even though you have a live connection to the games server, incurring the wrath of other players, who may suspect you of all-in abuse as well as inconsideration.

what if the blinds are about to reach you and you want a full ten minutes away from the table?

- First, pre-fold the current hand if necessary.

- Next, if you're going to be gone more than one or two hands, uncheck the "auto-post blind" or "auto-ante" box if you've been using that feature. If you don't, you'll be stuck paying blinds and have to wait another round for your break - or you'll time out when you leave the room, forfeiting not only the big blind but the kind regard of your fellow players.

- Then look for the "Sit Out Next Hand" or "Sit Out" button. It's often positioned right next to the other pre-action buttons, but could be elsewhere on the screen. Once you check it, the software will treat you as if you're sitting out until you return. Your seat will receive no cards and post no blinds or antes. To get back into the games. either "unclick" the sit-out box or click the large handy pop-up button that appears at some sites just so you can easily signal, "I'm back."

- If you're planning on a break of any duration, make sure you know the time limit.

You can't be away from a table for forty minutes (or even a full hour) as you can in many brick and mortar casinos. Your time away from an online table may be limited to something closer to ten minutes or, alternatively, three rounds. If you miss the deadline to return to your seat. you'll be automatically removed from the table and then have to re-enter the games with a fresh buy-in. If the games is full and there's a waiting list. you'll be last up to boot. Ugh!

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