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Note-Taking Screens

This is one of the most valuable features offered by many leading sites, and also one of the easiest to use. You should start taking notes the first time you play online. If you begin in a play-money games, you'll be under no pressure and can master this valuable software tool as well as many others before you play for cash.

In most cases, you direct the note taking function either by right-clicking above a player's icon or clicking a clearly designated button. A screen will pop up for you to type into. Thereafter, you need only rest your cursor over a player's seat to bring up any observations you've recorded (although some sites require you to click over a player's name or icon to reveal your notes).

Give top priority to learning how to save notes to your hard drive. If you don't, your notes may disappear after the current session and be unavailable when you need them most - days or weeks later when you encounter the same players again. In some cases, your notes will be automatically saved in a text (.txt) file on your hard drive under the games software directory.

The note-taking function, like many other features, varies from site to site, so take nothing for granted. When in doubt, ask customer support or, if available, live help.

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