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The Players

Your screen name or "handle," centered in a simple geometric form or accompanied by a more elaborate image, represents you at the table. It appears above your seat position after you double-click on an empty seat. At some sites you're encouraged to submit your own image - which may be anything from a cartoon character, emblem, or insignia to a real life photo of you, your dog, your old sneaker, or your Aunt Mabel - while at others you assemble a composite avatar from components, select a pre-assembled one from a list, or have one arbitrarily assigned to you by the programming.

Seated around the rest of the table are your opponents, who may be anywhere in the world. Like you, they're represented by screen names along with images, avatars, component composites, or whatever else is used to depict players at the site. By resting your cursor over a seat, you'll usually see the city or country declared as that player's place of residence, as well as the dollar amount of his chip stack. (At some sites, the amount represented by a player's stack is constantly visible.) Otherwise, you and your opponents play under the cloak of anonymity.

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