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Poker attracts a lot of professional and semi-professional players because it is a positive expectation games. This means your money is at greater risk (depending on your level of skill) than it would be when playing other casino games.
Poker strategy is based in part on the ranking of the various hands and how often they appear. You should be thoroughly familiar with this ranking when playing the games.
The goal when playing poker is NOT necessarily to have the best hand; the goal is to win the biggest pot. You'll need skill more than luck to do that.
Never put money directly into the pot or touch the pot. Only the dealer should handle money that is in the middle of the table.
Poker doesn't have a basic strategy like blackjack or video poker. Every situation is different. Good players use a combination of methods to consistently win. This includes understanding the odds, reading the other players, and properly pressing each advantage.
It's important to follow the rules. Your hand may be declared dead if you don't, and this could cost you a pot.
Beginners generally lose to more experienced poker players. If you're a beginner and you don't want to lose, you should avoid playing in a casino.