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Evaluating The Structure


By the structure of the games, we mean principally the ante, the betting limits, and the rules of betting. The structure may deter an average player or even an above-average player from the sitting down, but it should rarely deter a good player. The good player should be able to adjust his play to suit any structure he happens to confront.

There is however on instance where the structure might cause even a very good player to stay out of a game; when it has made fair players in to good players by accident. Most players don't sufficiently alter the style of play according to the structure; they tend to play a fairly consistent game. However, some times the structure is exactly suited to the style of a group of players. Specifically the ante and/or the blind might by coincidence are an amount that makes these players' style of play approximately correct. For instance, there are some very aggressive seven-card stud players in Las Vegas who play a little bit too loose in an ordinary game, but in a game with a very high ante their style of play is almost perfect.

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