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Players Who Play Too Tight

Occasionally you'll run into the opposite type of player - the player who plays too tight. These players may play too tight on the first round or on every round, but the tighter they play, the more they are giving away. You take advantage of the player who's too tight on the first round by stealing antes with more frequency than games theory would indicate to be correct. In fact, you should test such a player by raising the forced bet just about every time you and he are the only players left in the pot. You shouldn't raise every single time the situation comes up, because eventually that tight player will realize you're robbing him and he'll loosen up, which you don't want him to do. However, you should try making a play on that player at least two times out of three when he is the only person left behind you on the first round.

Many players who play too tight on the opening round tend to play too loose later on. Since they're playing only good starting cards, they hate to throw them away. Consequently, if you get called by such a player when you try to steal the antes on the opening round, it is very important to give up your bluff because this type will not fold on later rounds, having called your raise. However, if you have a legitimate hand which you figure to be the best hand, bet it out since this player will probably give crying calls all the way.

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