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Online Poker Games Strategies

Online Poker Games doesn't have a basic strategy like blackjack or video poker. The best way to play a particular hand will change with every games and every player. For example, a showdown is not necessarily the preferred outcome. Tight (conservative) players with rags (poor hands) will quickly fold rather than put money in a pot that someone else will ultimately win. A good poker player with a bad hand will sometimes turn this to an advantage and steal the pot with aggressive betting. The same player with a good hand will lure unsuspecting bettors into the pot with tentative betting. Of course, other good poker players will recognize this obvious ruse and wager accordingly. It turns into an intricate game of, "He thinks that I think that he thinks that I think that he thinks that I have four kings. But I know that he knows that I know that he knows...." and the game goes on.

Theory of BluffingTheory of Bluffing
Type Of Semi BluffsAll About Semi BluffsDefense Against The Semi-BluffWhen To Fold And When To RaiseCalling in Bluffing All About True BluffingWhen to True BluffBluffs and PositionThings To Remember
Pot Size and Number of OpponentsPot Size and Number of Opponents
Deception And The Ability Of Your OpponentsWinning The Big Pots QuicklyDrive Opponents OutBetting Second Best HandThings To Remember
Checking in PokerChecking in Poker
Giving a Free CardGetting a Free Card Position and the Free CardGiving or Not Giving a Free Card With a Marginal Hand
Raising in PokerRaising in Poker
Raising to Get More Money in the PotGetting More Money in the Pot by Not RaisingRaising to Drive Out OpponentsRaising as a Means of Cutting Down Opponents' OddsRaising to Get a Free CardRaising to Gain InformationRaising to Bluff or Semi-BluffRaising to Drive Out HandsRaising Versus Folding or CallingCheck-Raising
Reading HandsReading Hands
Reading Hands on the Basis of Your Opponents' Play and Exposed CardsUsing Mathematics to Read HandsReading Hands in Multi-Way PotsThings To Remember
The Pace of Play and PositionThe Pace of Play and Position
Playing It Loose And TightPosition Of Your GameThings To Remember