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Poker Terms

At the online casinos, these terms are very importantÂ… so, before playing internet poker you should familiarized your self with them.

There are 163 entries in this glossary.
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Term Definition
Dead hand
A hand a player may not continue to play because of an irregularity.
Dead money
Money put in the pot by players who have already folded their hands.
Dealer's choice
Poker in which the player whose turn it is to deal may choose the games for that particular hand.
Door card
In stud games, the first exposed card in a player's hand.
Double belly buster
See Open-ended straight.
1. To take one or more cards. 2. A form of poker in which each player receives five cards and then has the option of discarding one or more of them and receiving new cards in their place.
Draw lowball
A form of poker in which the best low hand wins. See page A
Draw out
To improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand than yours prior to your draw