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To put in the pot an amount of money equal to an opponent's bet or raise.
Call a raise cold
To call a double bet-that is, a bet and a raise.
A person who calls a bet or raise.
To continue in a hand trying to outdraw an opponent's hand you are quite sure is better than yours.
Card room
The area in a casino where poker (and sometimes panguingue) are played.
To decline to bet when it is your turn.
To check and then raise after an opponent bets.
Bring it in
To start the betting or, the first round.
A joker that can be used to make straights and flushes and can also be used to make a pair with aces, but not with any other cards.
A round token in various denominations representing money. Among many professional gamblers it is also called a check.
The best possible hand, given the cards on board, when all the cards are out.
Closed hand
A hand in which all the cards are concealed from one's opponents.
Come hand
A hand that has not yet been made, with more cards still to be dealt. Thus, a four card flush would be a come hand.
Crying call
A call with a hand you think has a small chance of winning.
Cut the pot
To take a percentage from each pot as the profits for the person or the casino running the games.
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