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Favorite : In poker, before all the card out, and hand that has the bestchace of winning.
Fifth street
In stud poker, the fifth card to be dealt to each player. In hold 'em the fifth and final community card on board.
To draw a card that makes a hand. For example, to fill a flush is to draw a fifth card of that suit.
Fill up
To make a full house.
Free card
A card that a player gets without having to call a bet.
Freeze out
a game in which the players involved continue play until only one player has all the money.
Five-card draw
A form of poker in which players start with five cards and then may draw to replace them.
Full house
Three cards of one rank and two of another. Three aces and two lOs is a full house.
Five-card stud
A form of poker in which each player gets one concealed card and four exposed cards.
Flat call
To call a bet without raising.
Flat limit
A betting limit in a poker games that does not escalate from one round to the next.
In hold 'em the first three exposed community cards, which are dealt simultaneously. The word is also used as a verb. For example, to flop a set is to make three-of-a-kind on the flop.
Five cards of the same suit.
To drop out of a pot rather than call a bet or raise.
Forced bet
A required bet to start the action on the first round of a poker hand. In seven-card stud, for example, usually the low card on board must make a forced bet.
Four cards to a flush.
Four cards of the same rank. Four jacks is four-of-a-kind.
Fourth street
In stud games, the fourth card dealt to each player. In hold 'em, the fourth community card on board.
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