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Live card
In stud games a card that has not yet been seen and is therefore presumed likely to be still in play.
Live one
A loose, weak player with a lot of money to lose. A rich sucker. There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, about a poker games in Gardena in which one player had a heart attack and died. The player to his left shouted to the floor man, "Hey, Louie, bring us a live one."
A cinch hand. A hand that cannot lose.
Long odds
The odds for an event that has a relatively small chance of occurring.
Long shot
An event that has little chance of occurring. Hence, in poker a hand that has little chance of being made.
Playing more hands than the norm.
Late position
A position on a round of betting in which you act after most of the other players have acted.
Lay the odds
To wager more money on a proposition than you hope to win.
Legitimate hand
A hand with value; a hand that is not a bluffing hand.
The amount a player may bet or raise on any round of betting.
Limit poker
A poker games where the minimum and maximum amounts a player may bet or raise
on any given round of betting are fixed.
A variety of poker games in which the best low hand wins in the showdown.
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