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See Balnk
To bet an additional amount after some one else has bet.
An amount retained by a casino from each pot, usualy no more than $2 or $3
To make your opponents believe you have a bigger hand than you are showing on board. Thus, if in seven-card stud you raise with an ace showing, you are representing a pair of aces. You may or may not in fact have a pair of aces.
To raise after an opponent has raised
Reverse implied odds
The ratio of the amount of money now in the pot to the amount of money you will have to call to continue from the present round to the end of the hand.
The seventh and last card, dealt face down, in seven-card stud and razz.
Rolled up
In seven-card stud, three-of-a-kind on the first three cards.
Round of betting
A sequence of betting after one or more cards have been dealt. A round of betting continues until each active player has either folded or called.
A lowball hand that is not perfect. Thus, an 8,4,3,2,A is a perfect eight. An 8,7,4,2,A is a rough eight.
Seven-card stud lowball. The original name of the games was razzle dazzle. See Appendix A.
A player who raises.
Royal flush
An ace-high straight flush. AKQJ10 is a royal flush.
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