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  • To encourage women worldwide to play poker for fun
  • To Learn and improve the poker skills while making new friends
  • To build a strong poker community for women worldwide
  • To improve the poker strategies including the famous “Bluffing skills”
  • To give the latest updates and information regarding poker for the women worldwide in the forums & blogs
  • To ensure the safe online poker community environment from any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws.


Women have more obstacles than men to overcome their fear when it comes to poker; from bluffing, bidding, locating a good playing partner and locating a trustworthy site to play for money. Poker can be even more daunting with its macho lingo and current emphasis on man hood stuff. This websites creator, Prima Rini, offers a way to overcome these issues.

Ever since 2004, I've been working hard with other poker women players of this world to serve up a community for those who:

  • Don't like the competitive environment
  • Wonder if there are any other women out there like themselves, who tried to improve their poker skills before they can play for money
  • Think poker is fun, but want to be equipped with all the poker strategies before they can play with other players

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She says :
Hi there?.My nick name is Rini, and full name is Prima Rini. I was born in Gianyar Bali on October 21, 1979. I am a Club Leader of Putri-Bali Women?s Poker Club in Ubud. The Club was established in January 11, 2000 which be fond of face up to and hold back us but joyful. I am currently in progress to develop different games to be played in our club.

If any event of International Poker championship, I am strength of mind to go all-out for championship. I became conscious a score of US$ 100,000 at Yahoo Poker Games, it needs line of attack to identify with the game.

Leisure time is designed for playing the Poker Games or becoming skilled at other card games. In the role of Club Leader, I ought to build up the club with the intention of being enhanced team.

Having this industry is a challenge; I make a decision to carry out it in actuality. Creation more women player group, international coach and get hold of promoter. To obtain more players group and international coach are easier than promoter or getting sponsor?right? but we are at this time in full swing to prepare more women player to bring to fruition the business.

Hard cash in pot will be the foremost things to enjoy in international standard winning team. PUTRI BALI TEAM would always be a most superlative in all International games event. Consequently, win all chips?..

My Favourite Champion :
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